Golden Spotlight Eye Makeup

Introduction: Golden Spotlight Eye Makeup

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A simple spotlight eye makeup look that is so easy to do.

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Step 1:

First with a large fluffy brush take a red eyeshadow and blend this into the crease.

Step 2:

Then with a smaller brush and a brown eyeshadow you want to blend this into the crease also.

Step 3:

Taking some concealer you want to carve out the centre lid. So keep your eye open and place the concealer in the centre taking this to the crease keeping the outer part of the lid clear.

Step 4:

Then with this golden shimmer shadow apply this on top of the concealer you have just applied.

Step 5:

Taking a pencil brush and a black eyeshadow blend this on the outer and inner part of the lid and also lightly blend this into the crease.

Step 6:

Then with a yellow gold shadow and a flat brush you want to apply this on the inner corner and also right at the top of the lid where it meets the crease.

Step 7:

Now you want to apply the crease colours on the lower lash line too.

Step 8:

Then just pop on some false lashes and apply some mascara.

Step 9:

With a lilac eye pencil apply this into the waterline.

Step 10:

Finally with a little bit of glitter eyeliner you want to apply this on the centre part of the lid right at the top of the lid where it meets the crease colour.

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