Golf Cart Cargo Box

Introduction: Golf Cart Cargo Box

I love using my electric golf cart for yard work, it is great for hauling everything from firewood and branches to coolers full of beers and not to mention people...but I needed additional space on my cart for things like chain saws and gas cans so I made a nifty and very heavy duty front cargo box.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Figure out how to mount the box . Each make of golf cart is going to have a slightly different mounting configuration, I have an EZ-Go . I found 2 5/16" bolts that hold the front windshield / roof support to be the best place to mount my cargo box to. I cut and drilled holes to the flat stock for the main supports

I estimated the size of the box and ordered all the steel from a local metal supermarket. I see that there are cargo baskets available for golf carts for $150.00 but this was a little cheaper to build myself and was a fun project ...Cost for all metal was under $100.00


For this box I will be making it 42"W x 10"D x 4" H Using 1" x 1" ( 20 feet)thin wall square tube and 1" x 3/16" flat bar ( 10 feet but used less than 5') and 1 sheet 48? x 48" of 20 gauge perforated metal. You can use expanded metal ( 1/2" -13 gauge flattened ) but I just like the look of the perforated metal.


Safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection

MIG welder

Grinder, tape measure, hammer, soap stone or marker

A metal chop saw, jig saw with metal cutting blade

Spray paint and primer

Step 2: Measure ,cut ,weld, Grind and Paint

Once I cut and fitted the mounting bracket I did some final measurements and started to weld the frame.

I cut all the tube on a 45 degree angles and welded them all together then cut the perforated metal to fit.

I spot welded the perforated metal about every 4" or so.

I ground down the welds as needed to smooth the edges.

Then prime and 2 coats of spray paint

Install with help of a friend by removing the aforementioned mounting bolts and attach the box as needed

Thanks for looking

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