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Introduction: Golve Light Images

Step 1:

The secret behind the magic is a magneticly triggered switch at the base of theThumb, which I placed inside a brass tube to protect the thin glass from breaking.
The brass works well because it doesn?t interfere with the magnetic force.
I found a small (3mm) ultrabright LED that fits neatly in the tip of the index finger.
and a small magnet in tip of second finger.
The battery pack is home made out of plastic, screws, two 3 V batteries, contacts, etc.
The light is switched on by pointing with index finger and bring second finger to the base of the thumb.



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    You are right, why has everyone missed this typo till now. Roy

    I did this, Only instead of connecting it to a LED, I connected it to an Automatic BB gun...

    that is AWESOME!


    12 years ago

    The Magnetic switch is a Hamlin Magnetic Reed Switch SPST HE133ND from Digi-Key Electronics Roy

    Very cool! what kind of magnetic switch did you use?