Gomashio (Sesame Salt)

Introduction: Gomashio (Sesame Salt)

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Gomashio is a dry condiment made from unhulled sesame seeds and salt. It is often used in Japanese cuisine. I first tried it last year when my ex flatmate made it and I loved it! I use it in salads, with rice, sometimes with pasta, basically, you can use it with everything and it's quite easy to make.

Step 1:

So the things you need are:

- sesame - 15 teaspoons

- salt (Himalayan or normal sea salt) - 1 teaspoon

- mortar and pestle (or a blender if you're feeling lazy)

Step 2:

Put the teaspoon of salt onto a preheated pan (make sure it's always on low or medium heat) and stir it for a minute or two just to get it dry. When it's done take it out and leave it to cool down.

Step 3:

While the salt is cooling, put the sesame into the pan and stir. It's done when you can smell the sesame or you place one between the thumb and finger and press. If it cracks, it is ready.

Step 4:

Put the salt into the mortar and grind it with the pestle until it's fine.

Step 5:

After you take the salt out, put the sesame in and grind it until about half of the seeds are ground. When it's done, add salt and mix it thoroughly.

If you're feeling lazy or just don't have time to grind it down, put it all (sesame and salt) in a blender and give it two or three spins. Don't overdo it or it will become like powder, or worse, like paste. You should be able to recognise the seeds and not have it all powdery.

Step 6:

When you're done mixing it/blending it, put it on a plate to cool down properly before storing it. I usually store it in a glass jar because I can close it with a lid and keep the air out.

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    Maybe Dave
    Maybe Dave

    5 years ago on Introduction



    5 years ago

    Sound like a something that needs to be tried in my household!


    5 years ago

    It is tasteful. I never tried this on salad, but stick rice or warm rice.