Goober Raisinette Split Personality Cookie

Introduction: Goober Raisinette Split Personality Cookie

Goobers? Raisinets? Can't decide which is better or are you a fan of both?  Enjoy them separately together in this single serving cookie.

Goobers and Raisinets are trademarked products of chocolate covered peanuts and chocolate covered raisins respectively.

Step 1: What Would Willy Wonka Use?

Some would consider just slapping real Goobers and Raisinettes on a cookie and call it a day.

This is semi-scratch and more conceptual so I will be using a pre-made cookie mix, adding peanuts and raisins, and covering the baked cookie in chocolate.

I don't really bake cookies so I just got a convenient bag of cookie mix.

You can pick any variety but I like oatmeal cookies, you can never have enough fiber...

To use the cookie mix as per directions, you will also need:

shortening or butter or both

a drop of water

an egg

peanuts - dry roasted for flavor, salted or unsalted - you can substitute your favorite nut

raisins - you can substitute dried currants, cranberries, dried fruit...

some melting chocolate - I used bittersweet since I don't have a sweet tooth - can be chips or in block form to shave so it will melt.

CAUTION: This requires you to use a hot oven and a steaming cauldron of boiling water so be careful.  

Step 2: Prepare the Mix


You need a scoop of fat. I used a scoopful of shortening and a scoopful of butter, could be margarine, whatever is good for you nowadays...

Add a drop of water.

Add in an egg.

Package warns to not eat raw dough - probably due to raw egg...

Mix the mix.

Use to spackle any holes in the wall.  The mix will be stiff and hard to stir.

Step 3: Divide and Conquer...

With the base cookie mix prepared, portion in half and place in separate bowls.

Mix in a handful or one serving box of raisins to one batch.

In the other mix in the same amount of peanuts.

Fold in the ingredients to get an even mix.

Use to spackle bigger holes in the wall. 

Step 4: Pack Em, Stack Em, and Rack Em...

Starting with one of the mixes, portion out onto your cookie sheet.

I used a silicone liner.  They sell these at my discount store so I got another set to use as my soldering station mat - solder peels right off and it is sorta heatproof.

The cookie mix bag says that it makes three dozen 2 inch cookies, two dozen larger cookies, it only makes a dozen cookies.

Portion out a dozen cookies.

Take the other mix and portion alongside the first batch.

Use a spoon to gently mash the lumps of dough together.

Wet the spoon to keep it from sticking to the dough and smooth out the cookie shapes a bit.  They all kinda melt into a blob so you just want to make it so it evenly cooks.

Bake in an oven about 350 F.  They should be cooked in 12-15 minutes. 

The cookies will still be extremely soft and may appear undercooked.  They harden or stiffen up when they cool after taken out of the oven.

Step 5: The Glazed Over Look.

You can stick the chocolate in the nuker to melt them but I prefer the bain-marie or double-boiler water bath.

Get a small pot of water boiling.

You can turn the heat off.

Submerge in a bowl of chocolate chips.

The bowl will warm up and you can stir the chips to melt.

Add a drop of shortening or oil to thin out the chocolate glaze.

You should now have the cookies off of the baking pan and cooled.  They should be firm enough to work with although I did have a few cookies that needed to be scraped off of the baking mat.

You can either dip in the cookie or if they seem fragile, just brush on the chocolate glaze with a spoon.

The surface tension when you just dip the cookie in can break the cookie when you try to lift it out.

Let the chocolate glaze set up and enjoy.

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