Good Looking Kitchen Island in Half a Day (no Pro Tools Required)




Introduction: Good Looking Kitchen Island in Half a Day (no Pro Tools Required)

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I'm presenting good looking, easy to make kitchen half-island which also fit's quite good to the whole kitchen style.

Apart of this short tutorial I'm adding video showing step by step process, so If something is unclear for You or You want to see more photos of finished project, watch the video.

The only tools which will be needed are: saw and cordless. As finish I recommend use mineral oil.

So, let's start:)

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Step 1: Cutting

The project was to be easy one, so I recommend to buy in the shop/market kitchen worktops already catted to the right dimensions. Those dimensions depends on Your actual needs, so You need to rethink what You want before buying.

The island will have two shelfs and a worktop where You would seat as like in the bar. For the top and the shelves we will use the kitchen worktops and for the biggest wall we will use dishwasher fronts. Such design ensures that island will fit to the rest of the kitchen.

Step 2: Island's Sides

Take two exactly the same part of worktop - for the sides of the kitchen. Make the sockets in them for the shelves. Shelves (with the top) will be also the skeleton of the island.
Cutting sockets isn't something complicated if You have saw (mitre, or table saw will be great for that task)

Step 3: Mounting It All Together

Mount one of the island side to the wall to provide better stability. Then put glue in all the shelves sockets and try to mount it all toghether. In this step I recommend to do it with somebody else because it's difficult task to make it alone.
Now add the top and mount it with screws.

Step 4: Finishing

It's better to make oiling before mounting the front wall. First use sandpapers (from 80 to 400 grade), then paint the project with an oil. Remember to use good oil with proper atests or contact with food.

Step 5: Front Wall

Now it's time to mount the dishwasher fronts as a front wall of the kitchen. This can be made using screws and metal angles.

Step 6: The End

That's all. It was easy, wasn't it ?

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