Good Luck Charm Polymer Clay Owl Pendant




Owl has been a symbolic animal in many cultures, native indians, greek and egyptian too.

the native indians wore owl feathers and signified as an animal totem( that's what I read....don't want to debate on that )

It symbolizes intelligence, intuition, protection and wisdom. It has thus gained popularity as a piece of jewelry.

I have made an Owl pendant for my daughter of polymer clay as a symbol of wisdom , protection and power which she will need in the high school.

Step 1: Materials and Tools.

Materials for the pendant project.

polymer clay in brown and champagne(20gm each), some leftover pieces of yellow

jewellry wire


exacto cutter

toothpick or needle instrument


smooth working surface.

oven to harden the clay.

Optional: golden fabric paint

polymer clay varnish

Step 2: Getting Started

draw a rough sketch of what you want your pendant to look like.

Chalk out the exact size.

take a lump of light clay and roll it out between your palms - of the size of the body.

Slightly flatten it with your fingers and pinch at the lower 1/3 to make a "V".

I know it looks almost like a fish at this point.

Step 3: Making Ombre Wings

roll out small lumps of brown, yellow and white clay into rolls.

Place them parallel to each other in an ascending shade order.

roll out lengthwise.

roll back into a log.

repeat this process till the shades have merged into each other to give a beautiful ombre.

Step 4: Making the Tail.

flatten the lower 1/3 of the body

cut out a triangle from the ombre sheet you just made and blend with this tail

With the cutter make vertical lines and cuts into the last end potion.

Round off the slits with a toothpick.

With the toothpick make vertical ridges on each section of the tail followed by "V" markings to resemble feathers.

Step 5: Body

with he toothpick point make markings in the body at regular intervals.

Mark an apple shape for the face.

roll out a very thin tube of brown and white polymer clay apply to the marked apple shape

Holding the point of the toothpick with a gentle pressure pull out the polymer tunes to get small vertical indentations.

make a small v shaped beak and press it firmly in place.

Step 6: Wings

cut 2 pieces of wire to the span of the wings.

push the wires parallel thru the body of the owl

roll up the ends of the upper wire to make little loops.

the lower wire bend it slightly up to overlap the upper wire and then knick the ends over to hold in place.

cut the ombre sheet into 4 wings(use the deign you chalked out earlier.)

place the wings covering the wire wings- 2 in the front 2 at the back.

press firmly

seal the upper and lower open ends by pressing together.

now shape the features of the wings just as you did to the tail.(see pictures)

Step 7: The Beautiful Creature Is Created

I added splashes of golden(fabric paint) to hilight the relief.

make black eyes with a permanent marker, or acrylic paints.

bake the pendant at 110C

remove. allow to cool.

Apply varnish if needed.

Wear it yourself or gift it to your dear ones the beautiful owl jewelry will shower upon wisdom and

Good luck.

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2 years ago

Of course you could glue in some dark seed beads for eyes or use tiny bit of black clay for the same.

Actually didn't use a jump rings, instead directly made loops with the wire end which i had used to frame the wings.If you want to use jump rings at the ends attach it into the end loop.



2 years ago

Can you use beads for the eyes? And do i just put jump rings at the wing tips to attach to a chain?


3 years ago

fantastic level of detail. keep up the great work.

1 reply
fluffy owl

3 years ago

That's beautiful, and I really like the ombre wings idea. The Barn owl is my favourite of all the owls.

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

Yes it is a barn owl ( sorry for the ?, it was typed as a smiley from the phone shows up as a q mark


Reply 3 years ago

Ha! I thought the ? meant you hadn't seen labyrinth and that would've needed fixing immediately!