Good Seed for Minecraft PR

This seed allowed me to find diamonds in minutes! It's either Loot or Loot!

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Step 1: Step One

Open the Advanced Settings, and set the world type to Infinite.

Step 2: Step Two

Put in one of the two seeds above in the intro.

Step 3: Step Three

When you spawn into the world, look around for a cliff in the sand. You should be on a small island. (If you aren't on an island, try the other seed.)

Step 4: Step Four

Gather some wood and set up shop in the cave.

Step 5: Step Five

Enter the cave through the waterfall. Find some iron to smelt, and save the wood and stone picks for destroying stone, coal, and iron.

Step 6: Step Six

Keep exploring the cave while being careful of lava to find 11 diamonds (that's how many I found.)! Hope this helped!

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