Good Bread Goes Creepy, Well Bad All Round




so I tried to get creative with my sourdough shaping bad idea, the end result was tough and 1/2 the faces split strangely

Step 1: Weigh Up Bread

as i said I used sourdough

1200g flour

600-800g room tempwater

200g starter

26g salt

but i think this would work better with a quick bread

1200g flour

600-800g room temp water

24g salt

12g sugar

24g butter

12g bread improver

12g fast acting dried yeast mix with a little of water while weighing up

Step 2: Make Bread

mix -in bowl till all combined 2min

knead- in mixer using dough hook about 6min or on bench about 10 min either way you want a window

rest - in bowl covered with cling or teatowel, 30 min

size - cut dough into even amount to make rolls, roll into balls

rest - in plastic box, on bench or on tray, covered with cling or teatowel, 30 min or over night in fridge with sourdough

Step 3: Shape

pull small bits of dough out of roll, to make ears nose eyes hair your choise get creative.

Ears -shape in fingers for points curves whatever you want push in centre to hollow

Eyes - make balls or uses peppercorns seeds whatever suits what you want i tried poppyseed that was too small peppercorns worked or could cut lines which will expand when baked

Nose - use dough to make appropriate shapes or pull out of roll as desired

Mouth - use a paring knife or any small sharp blade to cut the line for mouth this is where bread will split when rises

attach all these things with some waterloo make dough tacky

Step 4: Prove Then Bake

cover with a towel cling wrap or in a large plastic bag and set aside till doubled in size about 2hrs

can brush with a little egg wash or milk just before bake for shine and colour if like

bake in a preheated oven at 210' C for about 30 min check at 15 want a golden brown but must sound hollow when tapped on bottom maybe bake a plan roll with it to test bake by ripping in half

these three kinda worked lol

Step 5: Enjoy

when cooked can serve best with real butter

or store in airtight container for up to week will not be much good if wait this long though or frozen for upto 6 months

mine were not enjoyed much as I overworked and or under proved resulting in a tough chewy dough with thick hard crust not appetising lol

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    3 years ago

    Great failures can lead to great success !

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Cute! Is bread improver the same as gluten? You can use up your bread in ribolito, an Italian soup/stew where the bread is the starch.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    bread improver is a nitrogen based additive designed to make bread rise quicker

    found near yeast in supermarket


    3 years ago

    Ha ha, you have my vote!


    3 years ago

    I remember, as a child, going to a bakery in Carmel for animal shaped bread. Seeing your adventure, I am even more impressed with their consistent success. I think yours are adorable and given the chance to proof properly would make a great fun breads! Great epic fail entry.