Good Valentines Day Gifts - Heart Friendship Bracelet Fishtail Friendship Bracelets Instructions

As the month of love approaches, we thought we’d combine friendship and hearts into one Valentine’s Day themed tutorial: a heart friendship bracelet!

You'll need

925 Sterling silver heart-shaped charm pendant X1
8-mm 925 Sterling silver flat bead X1
No.72 Orange cord: 1 meters
No.72a Pink cord: 2 meters

Others:Scissor, Measuring tapes ,lighter

Step 1:

Fold the orange cord in half and tie a double connection knot so that you have a loop.

Step 2:

Fold your knotting cord (pink cord) in half to find the center and place it under the knot.

Step 3:

Take the left pink knotting cord and weave it over the left strand of orange cord and then under the right orange cord.

Step 4:

Now, grab the top strand on the right side and weave it over the right orange cord and under the left orange cord.

Step 5:

Keep working in the same pattern (over-under-pull, over-under-pull) until you reach the half length of your wrist. Then string a heart-shaped charm pendant.

Step 6:

Continue to braid until you reach the desired length.

Step 7:

When you get to the end, tie the two strands of knotting cord in a knot at the bottom. And trim the excess cords, burn the tail of cords to ensure that the bracelet will never be slipped off.

Step 8:

Tie an overhand knot after string the silver flat bead.

Step 9:

Trim the excess cords and burn the tail of cords.

Step 10:

Done it!



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