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Today I am going to tell you about 10 ways (tips) on how to decorate Easter eggs.

1) Marbled Eggs
This method is used to give a marbleized effect to you egg.

wrap fresh eggs in onion skin, insert the egg (with skin) into pantyhose and tie the ends so the egg can’t escape. Place eggs in deep saucepan. Add cold water to about 1″ or more above the eggs. Heat until water is boiling, then remove from heat. Cover and let stand about 24 minutes. Immediately cool eggs in cold water in a bowl to prevent further cooking. Remove the pantyhose – eggs are marbled.

2) Dyed eggs
This method is used to dye your eggs to give them a funky touch

Follow this link for more instructions :

3) Ribbons
Use double-sided tape to decorate eggs with strips of rickrack or ribbon (attached lengthwise). This looks really good on eggs that have already been dyed.

4) Crayons
After boiling your eggs let them cool for a few minutes. While the eggs are still warm hold an egg with a paper towel and use a crayon to color it. The heat of the egg will melt the wax, making fun designs.

5) Stickers
If you don’t want the mess of dying the eggs, just use markers and stickers to make your own patterns and swirls.

6)Stamped Eggs
Use canceled postage stamps and glue to decorate your eggs. If the stamps are stuck to the envelope, soak them in warm water for 15 minutes and peel them off. Just make sure they’re completely dry before you glue them to the egg.

7) Disco egg
Dye a blown egg. Dilute craft glue with equal parts water and glue and cover the egg. Roll it in superfine glitter and let it dry.(This might be a little dangerous if you have small children as I would rate it 3+)

8) Sponged Eggs
Paint a hard boiled egg with acrylic craft paint and a brush. After the egg is dry sponge white paint on the egg to create a fun pattern.

9) Lace eggs
Buy some decorative lace at a crafts shop and the decorate the egg with that lace ribbon.

10) Rubber band technique
Take some rubber bands and wrap your egg in it before dying it to get different shaded of color on the egg.

I tried all these methods and  8 of them worked the other 2 failed cause I am not a good craftsman.

If you have any questions on the instructions then please comment and you will get a reply soon.

And one last thing,
My camera is still not fixed so the pictures I will post for this instructable are from the internet but I will replace them as soon as I fix my camera.The pictures that are there now are only to give you a glance of your egg when you use these techniques.
So I'm really sorry for that but I will soon replace them...

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    So did you take these pictures? If not, did you get the owner's expressed consent before posting them here?

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    "From the internet" isn't really ok. Unless an image specifically states that you're allowed to use it, then it belongs to the person who took the picture. It's called intellectual property, and photos (as well as illustrations, paintings, drawings, written stories and essays, etc) are copyrighted to the creator the moment they're created in a tangible form.

    So you really need permission from the owners of the two photos you didn't take, especially if this is for a contest.


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    Thanks but just clarifying that I did not make those ones shown in the picture as I said above.
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    Thanks a lot.By the way ... did you have a look at my other instructable where I tell you about uses of egg shells....