Goodbam - Collecting Good/Bad Sleeping Data by Intel Edison

Introduction: Goodbam - Collecting Good/Bad Sleeping Data by Intel Edison

"Goodbam" (in Korean, "having a good sleep") is made for collecting and analyzing good/bad sleeping data using Intel Edison Board.

Edison Board collects PIR sensor value and microphone value. So, it can detecting people's motion and noise in sleeping.

Step 1: Step 1 : Assemble Edison

First you have to attach your Edison to Arduino dev board. (see your manual)

Second - get base board from the Grove Starter Kit and put it in place on dev board.

Step 2: Step 2 : Connect Sensor and LCD

First - take four cable and Groove-LCD, Button, Sound sensor from the Grove Starter Kit and prepare PIR sensor.

Second - connect it together to analog I/O. in my case, A0 is sound, A1 is PIR, A2 is button, I2C is Groove-LCD.

PIR is not included Groove starter kit. so, get sensor and connect it manually. Usually, PIR sensor is having a 3 pin(VCC, OUT, GND) and connect it directly your analog I/O's Pin.

Step 3: Step 3 : Make C Code

I make C source code, run in Linux(Fedora, MySQL) server and Edison client, using Eclipse tool.

please use this link :

Client side(Edison)

- collect two(PRI, microphone) sensor data

- transfer sensor value to Linux server

Server side(Linux)

- get sensor value from Edison

- write values to MySQL db.

Step 4: Step 4 : Running It

This video is a preview clip.

sound sensor is gathering sleep noise and PIR Sensor is gathering people's moving data.

and Edison transfer these data to server using integrated Wifi module.

Server is getting Edison's data and insert values to MySQL Database.

This project is incomplete.

But, it can improve a lot of things like "Analyzing Lack of sleep of modern man".

Thank you.

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