Goodbye Sock Monkey, Hello SOCKTOPUS!




Introduction: Goodbye Sock Monkey, Hello SOCKTOPUS!

This is my first instructable, so bare with me if it's a little rough. :]

If you have feet, chances are you wear socks, and if you wear socks, you probably wear them out, particularly in the heals and toes. This instructable will show you how to turn a pair of unwearable old socks into a cute, cuddly, weird socktopus! (that's an octopus made out of socks). ^_^

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

2 Socks (preferably a matching pair) Knee socks work best
A pair of scissors
Needle and thread/ sewing machine (you will need to hand sew a bit)
Stuffing (I used the insides of an old pillow)
Pins (optional)
Pencil/ chopstick (for turning the tentacles out after sewing)
Buttons or plastic eyes

Step 2: The Initial Cutting and Sewing

Cut off the heels of your socks (and the toes too; you're not really going to need those)

Then cut a straight line on the left side of one heel and the right side of the other (like a mirror image)

Sew the gaps of each heel back together, making sure to keep right sides together.

After that you're going to put both rectangles together, pretty sides facing eachother, and sew all along the edges you cut, keeping the elastic band part open. You're going to want to sew in a curve at the toe end of the socks, as this will be the socktopus' head.

Step 3: Making the Tentacles

Here's the tricky part. I hope the pictures explain because I don't exactly know how to word it...

What you're going to do involves pulling the tube in different directions to make tentacles directly across from eachother. 
I decided to have a tentacle on each side of the 2 seams and fill in from there. 

First pull the tube so the seams are about an inch or so in from the edge. You're going to sew a gentle curve from the closed edge, curve it around the band of the sock, and sew straight along the side of the seam stopping short of where the original heels were, creating your first tentacle. Do the same next to the other seam.

Pull the big tube, like you did before, so the original seams are an inch or so in on the other side (again making 2 tentacles across from each other.) Sew like you did before on the other side of each seam, leaving a gap between each line you sew. (you'll need to cut the tentacles apart later.)

Do this again for the next pair over, leaving room for one more pair of tentacles. Be careful as you sew the last pair, as it gets really crowded, especially on a sewing machine. Make sure you dont sew through other tentacles or make the last tentacles too small to turn rightside out.

You'll end up with something that looks sort of like a flower with a hole in the middle when you've sewed all your tentacles.

Step 4: Cutting and Turning the Tentacles

Your sockto is beginning to take shape!

Carefully cut along the gaps between the stitches, cutting each tentacle apart, then trim along the curved ends so they flip smoothly.

Turn them out. Using a pencil, chopstick, or knitting needle, flip the tentacles right side out as shown in the pictures.

When you've flipped all the tentacles, flip the body.

Step 5: Stuff, Sew, and DONE!

Now that your socky friend is right side out, you can stuff him up. I chose to leave the tentacles empty, so they'd be extra floppy, but you can stuff them, or fill them with beads to give them weight. Whatever you want to do!

(if you're using plastic eyes that snap in, install them now before you close up the specimen. You can do buttons now or in the end)

Stuff his head, shape it with some semi-violent hand-smooshing, and sew up the hole. (I just used random sewing.)

If you haven't yet, sew on his button eyes and you're good to go!

Turn on the Beatles and dance to "Octopus' Garden," or curl up to some Lovecraftian Cthulhu bedtime stories with your new friend!

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    6 years ago on Step 5

    That is -so- cute, and I love the name! Good job, I think I'll make one too. Thanks for the great idea! :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my goodness! Thanks so much! That means a lot coming from the notoriously awesome scoochmaroo! ^_^