Google Cardboard DODOcase VR Headset Trigger

Introduction: Google Cardboard DODOcase VR Headset Trigger

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Tired of lifting your hand ALL THE WAY TO THE SIDE OF YOUR HEAD to toggle the button on your new Google Cardboard headset? With a couple spare parts, you can make a trigger to pull that magnet all the way from the comfort of the area roughly around your waist.

Here's what you'll need to get ready:

  • A Google Cardboard headset (we used the one from DODOcase)\
  • About three feet of wire with protective tubing on it
  • About four feet of nylon string
  • The plastic hub from inside one of those disposable tape dispensers, like this. Or anything that is roundish and has a hole on it. Maybe not a doughnut.
  • Vim. Vigor.

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Step 1: Get Your Tubing Ready

We wanted to find a nice piece of tubing to house the trigger, so we found an old length of copper wire. Get a good hold of the wire with some pliers and pull it out - which I'm making sound easier than it is. If you have some other piece of tubing that doesn't already have something in it, you will get this project done a lot faster than we did.

Step 2: Set Up the Trigger

Take some nylon string and fish it through the (now empty) tubing. Again, this will take some pluck and determination. Leave a length of string sticking out of both ends of the tubing.Pull it back and forth and make sure it slides easily. If not, you may want to wax the string.

On one side, tie the tape dispenser core (or whatever you want to use to pull on as a trigger). The other end is tied around the washer on the outside of your Google Cardboard headset. This will necessitate you taking the washer off temporarily, but I'm sure you had already figured that out.

You now want to affix the tubing to the side of your headset - you could use duct tape, like we did - but just be sure to tape only the tubing, not the string.

Step 3: You're Done! Try It Out!

That's it! Give that trigger a pull!

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