Google Cardboard and Sticky Foam

Google Cardboard is just so cardboardy. Why not add some glitter glue, some foam and a lot of imagination!

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Step 1: Put the Google Cardboard Together

First there was lots of figuring out how to put things together. Even with all the helpful directions, we were still often at a loss.

Step 2: When All Seems Lost, Turn to the Internet

We used the internet for a little guidance and eventually some music.

Step 3: Unfortunately, the Girls Thought It Looked Too Plain

The boys thought it was perfect. Why add stuff to what's already perfect? However, the girls realized that this would be going up against their faces and they wanted something fabulous.

Step 4: A Little Foam and Glitter Glue, a Lot of Imagination

We had come up with some fabulous works of art. The boys didn't really want to participate in the glamming up of the Google Cardboard, so we didn't make too much of a big deal about it.

Step 5: Some People Needed a Little More Extra Space for Decorating

One of us decided that since it would be over our face, it needed to BE a face, and there wasn't nearly enough space for that face. She cut up more of the cardboard, and since it was sticky back foam, just stuck the two pieces together. Easy peasy and totally individual.

Step 6:

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