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Introduction: Google Cardboard to Google Wood

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These Viewers are Wooden Adaptations for Holmes type lenses to use Google Cardboard.

They put a bit more distance between the eye and the Phone screen and thus removed the pixelation that some viewers cause due to over magnification.

Another bonus is that they give you easy access to the screen to scoll to the next picture when used for 3D viewing.

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Step 1: Parts You Will Need:

You will need to buy and make the following parts:

1. Holmes Type Sterescopic Lenses that you can buy here:

I used the one's from e-bay

2. Quarter Inch Poplar I found at Home Depot

3. The Specific Shape of the box is not important except for one IMPORTANT POINT

The distance from the lenses to the placement of the Smartphone is critical, it should be at the focus point of the lenses, usually the lenses are sold with specific focal length, but it can be easily be determined by looking through them and seeing at what distance the screen is view-able.

Step 2: Glue the Panels Together

I suggest the use of Gorilla Glue and to clamp it together for a few hours to let it set.

Do not use too much glue or you will have to cut away a lot of overflow.

Yes, the piece between the lenses is required, as a lot of people can't use it if they can see the other Image as well.

Step 3: Paint and Use - Don't Forget the Rubber Bands.

It is a good idea to paint the inside a matt [ dull ] black.

I used polyurethane to put a smooth finish on the outside.

And I used a rubber band to hold the phone in place, or it will fall over forward.

I used little hooks and the black rubber bands that is used to keep hair in ponytails to keep the phone in place.

Once you have Google Cardboard installed, you are free to enjoy.

Step 4:

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