Google Firebase With ESP8266 Arduino

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Nowadays, Every machine has some data to post over cloud and Data has to
Analyse and has to record for many purpose. At the same time data should be accessible to the Analyzer as well. This things can be done using IOT concept. IOT is internet of things which talks with machine and post the data to cloud.

Step 1:

In this article we will be using Firebase with ESP8266 and Arduino. Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform. We will post data to the google firebase and we can read data too.

Just like google spread sheet and Gmail, for Google firebase also we need to authenticate from machine(i.e ESP8266).
Firebase Database is stored in JSON format (readable) and synchronized with clients in realtime.

Step 2: Required Components

Basic required Components:

1. ESP8266

2. Any Sensor (for demo)

3. Breadboard,

Step 3: Tutorial

Step 4: Code

Here is the link for github:



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