Google Glass Ball Cap

Introduction: Google Glass Ball Cap

I got tired of the metal unibrow on Google Glass, and not being able to use my own glasses. I did this quick hack to make it look better, and be more versatile.

What you need:

  1. Google Glass
  2. Ball cap
  3. Thin strip of metal (it must be magnetic)
  4. Double sided tape
  5. HDD, or equally strong magnet

How to hack:

  1. Remove the frame from Glass.
  2. Tape the metal strip to the top with the double sided sticky tape as it is in the picture.
  3. Glue the magnet under the right side of the ball cap brim, even with the outside of the brim, and as far back toward your head as possible.

How to use:

  1. Put the hat on.
  2. Slide the back of Glass over your ear.
  3. Tilt Glass up until the metal strip grabs the magnet on the cap.


  • I considered running the metal strip over the button so the button would still be usable by pressing the hat and Glass together, but I do not use the button so I skipped it. Might be interesting to try.

That's it! Now you have a quick disconnect for your Google Glass, and you've dropped the metal unibrow.

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