Google SketchUp(very Simple 3D Printing Box Design)

Introduction: Google SketchUp(very Simple 3D Printing Box Design)

Google SketchUp is a 3D modeling software very easy to use. Here you can do multiple actions such as design a 3D model or even design your dream house.

This instructable is perfect for the beginners in SketchUp. With this you'll learn how to design a 3D box and all the basics of this software. You can decorate as you want but I've decorate it like this so you'll learn how to use the maximum tools as posible.

Hope you like it.

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Step 1: Enter

First if you don't have SketchUp you have to download it. There are many versions but don't worry there's one free.

When you have it and you open it you have to click to choose template and you'll have to choose the one you want to work with.I've choosed 3D printing-milimeters.

If you enter and it's your first time it will appear an instructor bar wich is very useful if you are a beginner. In the upper part you'll see all the tools you need with its names.

Step 2: The Box

With the rectangle tool draw a rectangle of any size and then at the botton you'll see the dimensions bar, write the measure you want for your box.After that draw another rectangle inside the first one and do the same. Then pull the big rectangle with the push/pull tool and write the height you want. In the side you want draw a line in the middle from the bottom to the top and draw a circle with the line as its middle point.Erase the line. Pull the circle, draw a square inside and push to the interior. Make another circle in the square. Draw two rectangles, one on each side of the big circle and pul them.

Go to another side and draw, for example, a big ard and pull it. Do the same on its parallel side.

Step 3: Text

Click on tools and then click again on 3D text. Write what you want, choose the font and the measurements.Put it on the empty side.

Step 4: Painting the Box

With the paint bucket tool choose the colors you like and paint it.

The box is now finished. You can do many other things but I think this is perfect for get started.

Step 5: Other Possibilities

Thanks for reading.

I hope this is useful for you. Please vote and follow me.

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