Goose Neck Fume Extractor From Old USB Laptop LED Light (dirt Cheap)



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Recently I did some soldering and noticed that the fumes kept going right to my face.
So this gorilla pod - style fume extractor came into my mind:

(old) case fan
cheap / broken (or both) goose neck LED light for laptops (these are dirt cheap if you look at the right store, ~ 2 € maybe and mine also happened to be broken)
power supply (I have an old PC power supply installed under my desktop and extended the cables for multiple purposes)
ply wood screw which fits both holes of the fan and into the goose neck

knife / cutter (comes in handy when taking the USB plug apart)
or brute force (optional)

How to do:
Take apart the USB LED light.
Pull the cables out of the goose neck.
Store any salvaged parts like the USB plug or the LEDs (optional).
Attach the goose neck to the case fan by screwing in a ply wood screw.  (I think mine was 4 x 35 [mm].)
Ply wood screws seem to perfectly match the threads of the goose neck. At least the metric ones here in the EU.
Plug in the fan and turn on your power supply.


Now you can use it as stand-up version or attach it to whatever fits your needs (like your desktop lamp for example). You can optionally add a base to it.

Note that this doesn´t filter any malicious substances out of the fumes, it just blows them away. Be sure to solder only in well ventilated rooms.

Have fun.



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