Gopro Hack DIY: Double Time Lapse Pan Tilt With IKEA Timers


Introduction: Gopro Hack DIY: Double Time Lapse Pan Tilt With IKEA Timers

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Hello Instructable mates!

Here I'm posting an easy DIY video with a step by step explanation. Here you will be able to master the technique of Time Lapse with a rotation of the camera, i.e. Hyperlapse.

The video is in Spanish but this does not have to stop you because I'm sure you will be able to follow the whole process really easily.

To build this, we have used some cheap IKEA stuff and screws. In the market you can find similar products for 100$, this DIY cost around 7$.

I hope you enjoy it. Please, if you do it I would like to see the results, so write down a link to your Youtube video in the comments.

Here I am showing an example Time Lapses I did on my vacations.




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    Esta chulo pero nos hace falta unos ejemplos de los resultados que podemos conseguir con este aparato. Por favor, poner unos clips que grabaste con ello.

    Esta guay, si pones imagenes aqui no hace falta ni traducirlo.

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    Tienes toda la razón. El único problema es que este vídeo lo hice hace tiempo y ya no tengo el material. Pero me quedo con el consejo para la próxima.


    If you guys really need the translation in the video, let me know and I will work on it.