Gopro Helmet Front Mount


Intro: Gopro Helmet Front Mount

New project completed. The truth is that I was looking for wider tires for my bike, but in the middle of the search for tires came the idea of ??making a support to mount my Gopro in front of my helmet, removable and that does not damage the helmet.

Step 1: Material Needed

Material needed to mount the gopro in front of the helmet: needle, black nylon stitching line, reinforced nylon tape (same tape used in school backpack strap), quick-release buckle used in backpack strap, gopro stand , 2mm drill, drill and a lighter.

Step 2: How to Make the Stand for Mount the Gopro in Front of the Helmet

Step 1: Drill the straight base of the Gopro holder using the 2mm drill bit, make 4 holes like a shirt button.

Step 2: Cut the tip of the nylon tape and use the lighter to burn the tip of the cut area, thus finishing and making it difficult to tape the tape.

Step 3: Pass the nylon tape on the coupling buckle and sew it so the tape does not release.

Step 4: Fit the complete quick-release buckle and finish passing the tape, mount the accessory on the front of the helmet and tighten well, mark the place where the gopro base will be sewn.

Step 5: Sew the straight base of the Gopro holder in the area that was marked, the seam should be crossed and should form a rectangle.

Step 6: Mount the accessory back on the front of the helmet, tighten well, cut the excess tape and leave a piece left for adjustment if you change your helmet.

Step 7: Finish the end of the cut tape, as done in step 2.

Step 8: Mount the accessory on the front of the helmet and go have fun.


Acessório para capacete de moto

Accessory for motorcycle helmet

Accesorio para casco de motocicleta

Accessoire pour casque de moto

Accessorio per casco moto





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