Gopro Pole

Step 1: Tools and Items Needed

Go pro pivot arm
3/4 inch bolt with nut and washer
20mm pvc pipe (length is optional)
Drill with 3/4 inch drill bit
(Optional) for the safety:
End cap, used the rubber ones used on walking sticks
Some rope

Step 2: Cut Pvc

Cut the pvc to your preferred length, mine is about 1m

Step 3: Place Pivot Arm in Pole

You will find the pivot arm fits nicely inside, now you just need it to stay there. Mark where you have to drill. (Mark where the other hole which is inside the pvc is).

Step 4: Drill Hole

Drill a hole straight through. Check if you measured correctly by seeing the hole from the pivot arm peekthrough.

Step 5: Put the Screws on to Lock the Pivot Arm in Place

This is the basic pole. If you wanna make the pole more secure, follow these next steps

Step 6: Safety Tether

As a safety tether i used a wire with two loops on each side. I place it inside the pvc. The one loop is surrounding the bolt, the other side is tied up with a rope you can hold around your wrist. It doesent matter if the wire is a bit too long for the pole, the pivot arm is gonna push the wire back if you push it back again. Place endcap on. Your pole is now finished

Step 7: DONE

Now you can take some awesome shots with your gopro



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    Reply 4 years ago

    was the tutorial understandable? did it real quick. thanks


    4 years ago

    Exactly the same as mine