The Gorilla Glue 6 Cent Bottle Opener!!!


Introduction: The Gorilla Glue 6 Cent Bottle Opener!!!

This is quick instructable on how Gorilla Glue, Salad Dressing and 6 cents can get you out of  BAD situation. Enjoy..

Step 1: Necessary Supplies

1) Gorilla Glue - You're going to be gluing metal to metal. If you take a peek at the Gorilla Glue Guide I have attached you'll see you have a couple of options. I chose Gorilla Super Glue

2) Balsamic Vinegar or Less Fancy Vinegar

3) 6 Pennies

4) A Paper Towel

Step 2: Clean the Pennies

Before you try to glue any metal you'll want to clean it first. This applies even more to copper and other metals that oxidize quickly. If you don't properly clean the metal you will pretty much just glue rust to rust and the end result will not impress you.

Soak the pennies in your vinegar until they're clean to your personl liking. A few minutes will get them cleaner than they are now or a few hours will get them sparkly clean.

Rinse the pennies off nd quickly dry them with the paper towel. Try to only hndle them by the edges to keep the oil and cid from your skin off of the copper.

Step 3: Official Life Saving Penny Configuration Revealed!!

1) Start by gluing four of your pennies into a nice stack.

2) After the stack is stuck glue a penny to one end of the stack and offset by the width of the words "one cent".

3) After the offset penny is stuck flip your stack over and add a penny to the other end. Offset this one by a full penny width in the same direction as your bottom penny.

The finished result will look like the picture below.


Thanks for looking.



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    7 Discussions

    It's primarily for opening New Belgium products. That's what the manufacturer tells me anyway.

    What kind of bottles does it open. Since all you see are vinegar bottles, that's what I thought we were opening. But looking at the stack of coins, I suspect I'm confused.

    Ingenious solution to the problem of having no bottle opener, but the title's not very descriptive. Even if you had a description of the problem you were trying to solve in the introduction it would be 100% better.

    1 reply

    Agreed... "Gorilla glue 6 cent bottle opener" would be more descriptive, attract more attention ("a six cent bottle opener you say?") and retain the glue cred :)

    I don't know about where you live but here Balsamic vinegar is expensive 9and far too tasty to use for cleaning)

    Normal vinegar will do just as wel. or even a good wash and rub with some sand paper.