GospelKeys Tritone Xtravaganza: "Holly Is the Lord"

Introduction: GospelKeys Tritone Xtravaganza: "Holly Is the Lord"


Instructor teaching about using tritones in gospel music.

How to literally re-create a basic song like "I Surrender All" into a contemporary, 2008-styled arrangement... step-by-step and chord-by-chord!

Learn the secrets to CONTEMPORIZING any song in just 2 hours! (...with this method, you'll be able to transform all of your traditional gospel classics into contemporary sounding masterpieces)!

Understand the origin of the tritone and where it REALLY comes from (...you might be surprised)!

Find out why tritones were banned from Christian music several hundred years ago and why they have now been embraced by contemporary gospel musicians and used in almost every modern song!

Dissect the tritone and learn the individual parts that make this concept such a meaningful part of contemporary gospel music.


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    l think its great to incoporate the spiritual music in everyday's music and get back what we need again in this world ====all christains unite together and pray together in fellowship and pray for the world to be a better place to live in
    set a good example for our children and genertaions to come in the future!!!