Gothic Face Paint

Introduction: Gothic Face Paint

About: I am a conceptual artist, and my DIY projects are mostly inspired by pop culture (movies, music, sports, TV). I mostly specialize in painting, graphic design, drawing, digital photography, performance art, a...

Channel your inner dark rockstar with this simple gothic face paint!

Step 1: Start With White

To start, I covered my entire face with white.

Step 2: Add Black Eyes

Next, I dived into my black, and used it to outline my eyes. Then, I used my finger to smudge the black paint from the bottom.

Step 3: Add Gothic Swirls

Then, I continued to use black to make these swirls and droplet shapes to make a bit of, like, a gothic crown.

Step 4: Add Lips

Finally, I painted my lips with red, added some dark brown to deepen the hue, and outlined my lips with black.

Step 5: Done!

This gothic rockstar is now rising from the ground up!

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