Gourmet Christmas Clean Tea!




Introduction: Gourmet Christmas Clean Tea!

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im a tea lover and for christmas i decided to make a gourmet christmas clean tea. this makes a great christmas gift , and it has beautiful flavours.

Step 1: Step 1 : Gather Supplies

for my tea mix i used :

  1. dry lilly pilly berries
  2. clean tea mix
  3. cardamon seeds
  4. other spices

now mix them together and leave for 1 day in an air tight jar to infuse the flavours with each other. sizes and portions are up to how you like your tea so just experiment with it.

Step 2: Smell It!

if you get a rich smell , that means you are ready to jar it or package it.

(when making your tea leave your loose tea in for 60 secs otherwise it will be too strong.)

Did you know lilly pilly berries are one of Australias best superfoods?

Step 3: Enjoy!

this clean tea should leave you feeling great and with the superfood (lilly pilly berries) should make you healthier than ever before.

i hoped you liked my instructable and please vote for me in compititions.

ho ho ho and merry christmas

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    4 years ago

    This is a perfect Christmas gift. I will be very happy to receive it. Health is wealth and many people neglect it and with this gift you remind them. Merry Christmas!