Grade 7 Farewell Dress



Introduction: Grade 7 Farewell Dress

Grade 7 Farewell Dress:

Made from black stretch (Ribbing-like) material for the top and 3 layer part at the bottom: 1st a white under skirt, 2nd a netting skirt, and the 3rd the shiffon-type layer on top.

  • I took a tight fit t-shirt that she realy likes and used it as a guide for the top. The material must be flexible/stretchable to shape according to your body and you won't need a zipper, etc. Just fold the top over and stitch for a professional look. You can put a nice rubbon on like I did or just another focus point like a handmade flower out of scrap material or leave it as is.
  • The 1st layer: the white under skirt is loose/apart from the rest of the dress. This you can make in the form of the picture drawing attached.
  • The 2nd layer (netting skirt) and the 3rd layer (shiffon-type layer on top) I sowed it with a wide stitch seperately and then gathered it evenly by pulling the threads in on the one side (just make sure to tied the other side) BEFORE I sowed it together on to the top part of the dress. (The 3rd (top) layer is a little bit shorter than the 2nd layer but you don't have to do it this way if you prefer.)
  • To determine the length of the layers you must measure the person from the middle to where they want the dress. Decide if all layers will be the same length or will the 2nd layer be a little (3-5cm) longer?
  • I made a 'trimming' for the 2nd layer's hem out of the 3d layer materiaal because it was longer than both the other 2 layers just to round it off nicely.

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