Gradient Flow Table

Introduction: Gradient Flow Table

These are the renderings of a project I'm working on. Its a 14 by 3 foot community table for a restaurant. Using different species of wood and favoring as much variation as i can get, Im looking to create what looks like a sound wave traveling though the wood.

Step 1: Concept Design

I started playing around with different types of wood pieces as a way of playing with color, almost like painting.

Step 2: Planing the Material

Using a digital planer, i made all of the material 1.4 inches, and played with the widths from there.

Step 3: Uniform Height.

Using a sliding table saw I cut all the material at 2.5 inches, which then becomes the overall height of the piece. I favored the "sap" edge of the walnut to help get as much possible variation in color from the material.

Step 4: Laying It Out.

After making a plywood jig on a CNC machine it was just a matter of laying out the individual pieces. I chose Cherry for the center "core" and then the light sections of walnut fading into the dark ones. So far its about 300 individual pieces and am looking forward to seeing all 14 feet of it in its home as a community table for a San Francisco restaurant.

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    4 years ago

    Can you give any insight on the glue-up? I've often toyed with similar ideas but the thought of gluing all the small edges together one by one dissuades me


    4 years ago

    Fantastic concept!