Grandpa Adirondack Chair

Introduction: Grandpa Adirondack Chair

After selling my regular adult Adirondack chair plan internationally for 10 years with great success, my Customers have asked many times for a chair that is easier to get out of !
I went through a lot of wood, and made a lot of kindling for the fireplace, designing the new Grandpa Chair. It was important to keep the curved back and seat, but raise the chair yet keeping the same basic design in mind. The seat is shorter, the back is more upright, but still allows you to rest your head and have a snooze. After testing out the first version with a group of poker buddies, it was a consensus that it needed to be wider as well, for us older pirates, with sunken chests ! Here are a couple of buddies that nicknamed it the "The Bubba Chair" . The Grandpa Chair has 21" (53.4 cm) seat slats, 2" (5.1 cm) wider than the regular chair. Grandma is 5' 2" (157.5 cm), and can touch the ground flat footed. The seat height is regular chair height of 17 1/2" (44.5 cm). I have extended the height of the original back, so that taller people can rest their head. I have also kept the curved back seat slat, to match the curve of the back slats. This eliminates the "butt-bite", of the original design, caused by the space left between the back slats and the last seat slat.The arms are still 7 1/2" (19cm) wide, but shorter, and will hold a dinner plate or magazine, and comfortably rest your arms with coffee in hand.

Dimensions - 34 1/2"W x 36"D x 46"H (87.7cmW x 91.5cmD x 116.8cmH)

To see the complete instructions, click the PDF icon below.You can purchase mailed full size patterns here, as well as downloadable CAD files andDWG or DXF files for CNC routers in my Etsy shop.

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