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Introduction: Grandpa Fudge Cookies

How to Make: Grandpa Fudge Cookies

Grandpa Fudge Cookies are a delicious treat to enjoy after a hearty meal. Best served with a cool glass of refreshing milk, Grandpa Fudge Cookies have been a staple dessert in my household for as long as I can remember. They are named Grandpa Fudge Cookies, because they have been made for decades for my Grandpa, who loves them above all else and has become his special treat. Over 40 years ago, my grandfather worked in construction as an electrician. My grandmother would bake him a batch of cookies every week, and every day for more than 20 years, he would bring several cookies with him to work, to enjoy with his lunch. They used to be called Alligator cookies, because of their resemblance to alligator skin, but when my mom started making them for my grandpa when she was young, she started calling them “daddy cookies”. When Me and my brother were born, they turned into Grandpa cookies, and that is how they remain. I have grown to love them as well, hoping to see the little brown fudge cookies on the counter after every big meal.

Today I am going to pass the recipe to you, as my Mom has passed it to me, as her Mom has passed it to her, as her Mom passed it to her so long ago. Made with a loving heart, I hope you enjoy this special treat as much as I do.

The Pictures and Videos shown in this tutorial depict a Double Batch of Grandpa Fudge Cookies, the measurements and steps below are correct for a single batch. To make a double batch, double the measurements and time for cooking.

-Metal Cooking Pot

-Large Bowl

-Measuring Cups

-Stirring Spoon

-Plastic Wrap or Wax Paper

-Hot Pot Holder

-2 Spoons



-Sugar (granulated)

-Cocoa (naturally unsweetened)

-Butter (Margarine/stick butter)

-Peanut Butter

-Minute Oatmeal

-Vanilla Extract

Step 1: Preparing Your Cooking Area

Prepare the cooking area by placing the cooking pot on the stove and setting it to medium-high heat.

Place the hot pot holder on the counter next to the work area.

Lay next to that about 2 ft of plastic wrap or wax paper onto the counter or flat surface.

Step 2: Add the First Ingredients

-Add to the cooking pot 1 stick of butter and a half cup of milk (can be Whole milk or 2%)

-wait for the butter to be completely melted

-add 2 cups of sugar and 4 tablespoons of cocoa once the butter has melted

-Stir occasionally until the mixture starts to bubble

Step 3: Preparing Your Dry Ingredients

-add 3 cups of oatmeal to large bowl

-Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla

-add ½ cup of peanut butter

Step 4: Stirring the Mixture

When cocoa mixture starts to bubble, start a timer. Stir constantly for 1 ½ minutes. During this time the mixture will start to thicken.

After 1 ½ minutes, remove the mixture from the heat and place it on the pot holder previously prepared. Turn off stove.

Mix in your dry ingredients with the hot cocoa liquid and stir until all ingredients are well mixed. At this time, it should be a thick, lumpy, chocolate mixture.

(CAUTION: Mixture is Extremely Hot!)

Step 5: Set It and Cool It

Immediately after mixing well, use the 2 spoons to scoop blobs of the mixture onto the wrap or wax paper. Uniform blobs are not necessary, plop them down for greatest effect.

-From this point, you can choose how big you want your cookies. The Size and Shape of the mounds placed onto the plastic wrap or wax paper is the exact size and shape of the finished cookie. These are fudge cookies, and so they are very rich and sweet, Recommended Size to use is 1 heaping tablespoon, but you can make them smaller or bigger.

Mixture will firm as it cools so mix it every once in awhile while you dole out the mixture onto the cooling place, or it will be harder to manipulate.

Let the cookies set in room temperature for about 30 minutes before consuming them and/or putting them away in storage.

Step 6: Storage

Use an airtight container or Ziploc bag (large gallon size). Stored in fridge, cookies can keep for about 5 to 7 days, although they do not last nearly that long in my house, we eat them too fast.

(Warning: Cookies disappear rapidly from storage, and vanish into the mouths of family members.)


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    3 years ago

    My sister-in-law made some of these once and they disappeared while the entire family was out of the house. She left them cooling on the counter. The dog are every last one of them. They are so good everyone wants to gobble them up.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Those look delicious! I will need to make some of these for my daughter's birthday party.