Grandpaws Unruly Dog Leash



Sometimes it can be rough being a GRAND PAW. This young unruly gran dog has an unlimited amount of energy to run and chase everything that crosses our path. Squirrels, rabbits, birds, even yard gnomes are on the list. She is always on the lookout!

To help my arms cope with the initial impact of the lunge, I have come up with a simple easy leash modification. A simple spring hooked onto the leash. I have had several stretch leashes before and none of them could stand the impact. My version keeps my old arthritic arm in its socket.

Step 1: Materials

I started with a nylon 6 foot training has two handles. one at the end an another close to the the dog.

  1. nylon leash of your choice. mine came from Walmart about 10 dollars
  2. I chose a extension spring 40 pound pull , 12 inches long with looped ends. about 6 dollars from home depot
  3. Propane torch
  4. Pliers
  5. Metal awl with handle
  6. Tape measure
  7. Chalk
  8. Scissors
  9. Wire ties
  10. One lonely sock. Match colors of course!

Step 2: Assembly

I started by pulling the spring out as far as i could to gauge the tension. I settles on a 17 inch length between the holes. it seemed right for me. that is going to be 5 inches of loose leash .

1.Measure and mark the leash with chalk.

2.I placed my spring near the top handle so it would not bounce off the dog or drag on the ground.

3.Light up the torch and heat the tip of the awl, it does not have to be glowing red! Caution: fire is hot!

4.Melt a hole through the leash at each of your chalk marks. Melting will will keep it all together so it will not fray.

5.When the nylon holes cool down, hook the ends of the spring into the holes.

6.Use the pliers to close the ends of the spring.

7.Cut the toe off of your lonely sock and slide it over the spring and leash.

8. Wire tie the ends to the leash past the spring and cut off the extra.

Step 3: Now We Can Go Walkies!



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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    8 months ago

    Nice trick. If I had a dog, I would definitely make one of these.