Granny-Square Christmas Stockings



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These, lovely Christmas stocking are easy to crochet and sew together a perfect gift, when filled with candy and stocking stuffers!

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Step 1: Materials

To make these stockings you will need.
  • about 4 oz of worsted weight yarn in red and white or other preferred colors.
  • scissors
  • a size 5.5 mm crochet hook
    and some Christmas spirit! :)

Step 2: Making the Squares Round One

The stocking is made of granny squares. which can be replicated by,

Chaining up 4,

slip stitching in the last chain from the hook,

chaining up three

crocheting 11 double crochets into the middle of the circle.

slip stitching into the third chain that you made in the beginning of the round.

Step 3: Rounds Two and Three

to begin round two Chain up three,

put two double crochets in between each stitch from the previous round

slip stitch into the third chain from the beginning.

for round three

chain up three,

put three double crochets in between every set of two from the previous round.

slip stitch into the third chain from the beginning.

Step 4: Round Four

This round is different because you are adding the corners

as usual chain up three,

then put two double crochets in the space next to your chain.

chain two, and place two more double crochets in the same space.

there is your corner!

put three double crochets in the next two spaces created by the previous round.

add your second corner the same way as before, two double crochets, chain two, two more double crochets.

repeat until the end of the round, slip stitch into the third chain at the beginning.

Step 5: Round Five

Last round!

you are going to repeat round four except instead of double crochets you will use single crochets.

so chain two,

put two single crochets in the chain to space from the previous round's corner.

chain two,

put two more single crochets in the chain two space.

put three single crochets in each of the spaces between the corners.

continue until the end.

slip stitch in to the second chain from the beginning.

Step 6: Make Six Squares

To make the body you will need six squares.

Step 7: Sew the Squares Together

Slip stitch the squares together similar to the picture above.

Step 8: Add the Cuff

To add the cuff of the stocking just do as many rounds of double crochets in white around the top of the body of the stoking.

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    Nice stocking. This would also make a great Christmas themed oven mitt.