Granny Squares


Introduction: Granny Squares

I created this Granny square afghan during the week of Christmas while on vacation in our 5th wheel.
I took a bag of multicolored yarns and
created this 6 round granny square trimmed in black.
I finished it Christmas morning.



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    4 Discussions

    OMG thats bee-youutieefullll!!!!!!! but can you show me wher i can find how to granny square? ive been wanting to learn for months! - ~Rocker Chick~

    It's some of those yarns....i have started to knit and crochet around the campfire but can only do it few months of year as up here in Canada it gets kinda photographs!

    Nice job yetieddy! I love all your Slideshows, they're amazing! Keep up the great work!