Granny's Embroidered Dresser Scarf Bracelet

Introduction: Granny's Embroidered Dresser Scarf Bracelet

Back in the '50's, hand embroidered dresser scarves were popular. They were well used on coffee table, dressers, etc. to dress them up and also cover lots of imperfections on those tables. Kept lots of dust away too. I had several that my granny embroidered for me and inherited many from my mom that she did also.

Let me be clear...I don't think any of these in really good shape should be cut up at all. I believe one day they will be priceless. Mine already are. But you might come across some at garage or estate sales so don't pass over the ones with a little damage. I had many of these with holes and other damage so I set out and made pillows for all my nieces and granddaughters. What I have here is a small scarf that I thought would make an interesting piece. It has a few holes in it that aren't that noticeable so I just put a little 'stop fray' on those spots.

Step 1: Supplies

The bracelet blank is from an empty roll of packing tape. Also you will need fabric glue or other quick drying glue, a couple of small strips of quilt batting, measuring tape and scissors, and a dresser scarf piece that will wrap around the blank with at least an extra 2" on each side and that will go completely around the bracelet blank with the batting attached plus about an inch or so.

Step 2: Instructions

Measure and cut 2 layers of quilt batting and glue to outside of bracelet blank. This is such a small amount, you might ask around and someone who crafts or quilts might have a few scraps that would work for this project.

Arrange the dresser scarf around the padded blank for a look that you're happy with. You need to have enough to go around the blank plus an inch for overlap and wide enough to tuck at least an inch or so inside the blank. Cut and glue this around the padded blank. Glue only to the inside, stretching the scarf very lightly and neatly around the padded blank. You can either sew or glue the overlap on the outside, tucking each end in a half inch. You can glue a piece of ribbon to the inside for a more finished look.

Step 3: Finished Look

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! What a pretty way to reuse something like this. I have lots of embroidery from my grandmother and this gives me loads of ideas :D


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. The hardest part was the first time I cut into one.