Grape Liqueur - How to Make Grape Liqueur




Introduction: Grape Liqueur - How to Make Grape Liqueur

How to make grape liqueur? It's easy when you follow these steps!

You need grapes, sugar, glass jar and some strong brandy! We use rakija, local brandy made of plums!


Step 1: Cut Some Grapes

Depending of how many liqueur you want to make, you will need more or less grapes! I cut one 10 liter bucket of grapes

Step 2: Clean and Wash Grapes

Remove small green branches and wash the grapes. Don't squeeze them, because we are making liqueur not sirup!

Step 3: Grape and Sugar Layers

In a glass jar make layers of grapes and sugar!

I had some 2.7 liter glass jars!

Layers should be something like 2 inches of grapes, 1/2 inch of sugar!

Fill the jar to the top!

It's wise to leave 1 inch from the top empty!

Step 4: Put Some Rakija in It!

After you finished with layering, you need to put some brandy inside!

Here we have a lot of fruit brandy made out off plums or apples or grapes! We call it rakija! Depending on how you made rakija, it have between 40% and 55% of alcohol!

For grape liqueur we use plum brandy that has 50% of alcohol!

Fill the jar to the top, leave 1/2 inch empty!

Step 5: Leave It in the Sun for 3 Weeks

Cover the jar with jar top or small plate so that nothing can't get in!

You need to place the jars in a direct sunlight! We place it on balcony facing south!

From time to time stir the jar so that sugar vanishes... Every few days is ok!

Step 6: Poor It in a Bootles

After 3 weeks, filter and place it in a glass bottles!

Store in cold and dark place!

Be carefull when using! Why? Sugar and grape smell will camuflage scent of alcohol but... it's stil 50% alcohol but it's very sweet so be carefull!


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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Basiclly, you can make a liquer from anything that have aroma :)


    3 years ago

    Nice idea. Another idea is to use fresh peaches.... leave them whole but wash well to remove as much fuzz on the skin as possible. Three large peaches plus 1/2 to 1 cup sugar and add a full bottle of liquor on top. I personally like Bourbon but you could use almost anything.
    Leave the jar sealed (to prevent insects) for 90 days. No need to stir or place in sunlight.