Graphene Dreams - an Ember, Within Project

Introduction: Graphene Dreams - an Ember, Within Project

I started getting interested in graphene and micro lattice while working on spacecraft.

I always was dreaming about what the world looks like when we master material that are only in labs now, or that we havent even discovered yet.

Space elevators, inflated spacecraft, cars, bridges.. so many things.. Where would it come from?

Micro-lattice is interesting to me as well, because I designed both energy absorbing crushables and rocket engine catalyst beds in the past.

Combining these two ideas I dreamt of graphene, and what happens If we could make hollow pressurized micro-lattice for rigid structures, only a small increase in pressure and with the surface area of micro lattice the structure could gain remarkable rigidity and be able to be tuned to the environmental loads, whether structural or thermal.

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Step 1: Micro Spheres

I printed 100 micron micro spheres in a sheet with the Ember Printer and Designed in Fusion 360

This is an image I took with a Microscope Camera

Step 2: Time to Try the Hollow Features

After talking to the Ember researchers and using the printer with only the sock settings. I designed a hollow tube with 100 micron wall thickness, and 400 micron inner diameter.

I printed with a base but no support.

The part broke, but it was my fault.

The break actually was awesome for taking pictures of the wall thickness.

A problem I didnt expect, but should have, was that I was unable to evacuate all the resin from the tube. even with soaking due to capillary effects.

Step 3: Hollow Tube Results

Its crazy that I 3d printed this!!!

The future is quite exciting.

You have to Dream!

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    4 Discussions

    Jack A Lopez
    Jack A Lopez

    1 year ago

    I noticed in Step 2, you said you were using your printer's "sock settings"

    I was wondering if this printer can print other kinds of hosiery, besides just socks?



    Question 1 year ago on Step 3

    that is interesting , how could i learn about the graphene?


    4 years ago

    Wow!!! That is cool! Makes me wish I had studied harder in school.