Graphic Tank Top

Want a shirt with your favourite band or just a picture you love? Here are some easy to do steps so that you can make your own fabulous shirt.

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Step 1: Materials:

• A T-shirt of any colour (one size bigger)
• Iron paper
• An Iron
• A picture that you want to put on the shirt (DON’T print it right away)
• Fabric scissors
• Scissors

Step 2: Print Out a Picture:

  • Print out a picture that you want to put on the T-shirt.
  • First print it out on normal paper to see if the size is good.
  • Print it out on the iron on paper.

Step 3: Cut Out Picture:

- Cut out your picture


- Place it on the tee.

Step 4: Iron on the Picture:

  • Iron your picture on your T-shirt,
  • Any colour you want.
  • Iron for 5-10 minutes (or till the picture is on your tee)

Step 5: Peel It Off:

  • Peel off the picture if its done.

Step 6: Cut T-shirt:

  • Lay out T-shirt
  • Cut off sleeves (make them as big or small which even you want)
  • And crop your tee ( cut some of the bottom off)

Step 7: Clean Up:

  • Clean up your mess.

Step 8: Wear It and Rock It!:

  • Wear it with your favourite jacket, scarf or neckless.
  • And ROCK IT!!



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