Grass Surfing

Introduction: Grass Surfing

*Note: This instructable has nothing to do with any sort of illegal drug.

We live in Georgia and haven't seen any snow yet...

So my neighbor came up with this brilliant idea: grab a skateboard deck and head for the hills - literally - and thus, Grass Surfing was born.

This instructable will show you the art and sport that is Grass Surfing.

Step 1: What You Need

Grass Surfing is a relatively "new" sport, and the technology needed to participate is rather simple, as the sport itself has not yet been discovered by large companies to make it seem more complicated than it actually is. That being said, to Grass Surf, you will need:

1) A Skateboard Deck you can just take the trucks off an old skateboard, or get a cheap skateboard from WalMart and take the trucks off, or, if you plan on being a real hardcore Grass Surfer, you can even buy a brand spankin' new fancy deck from your local skate shop.

2) Grass this can typically be found growing almost anywhere, such as your yard. The best kind is the variety which makes its home on a hill, a prime location sought by professional grass surfers and amateurs alike.

3) A Basic Sense of Skateboarding If you don't know much about skateboarding stance, check this instructable out: How to Skateboard (Step 2)

Step 2: Now You're Ready

1. Okay, now that you've got the gear, you'll need to go to your prime grass surfing location, the hill.

2. Place your board so that it is facing directly downhill, and push off.

3. Let gravity do the rest.

4. When you're real skilled like me, you can even invent your own tricks.

And of course, the most important thing is to just go out there and have fun shredding grass and getting air, err, ground.

So get out there, have fun, and good luck!



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This is pretty awesome

it also works best if u caveman onto the board right before u go down

that is what grass looks like in GA, i live there. that grass looks healthy compared to the avarage grass in GA.

Nice. This reminds me of sandboarding in Peru. The pictures are from dunes around Huacachina. While sandboarding certainly resembles snowboarding, it's quite a bit slower no matter how much you wax the board.

13 replies

Having had experience with sand surfing in a more beach and jeep scenario, a piece of hardboard bent in to a smooth shallow arc over the bottom of a wooden frame is shockingly fast though doesn't live for as long as hoped for, also a well polished piece of sheet steel in a similar setup does well, you can also have a flat in the middle for better stability at high speeds... for those looking to carve alot a slight bend towards the edges is good though a corner at some point makes carving much easier...

Look like fun, the only thing is there's no dunes in Hawaii. I guess I'll have to stick to real surfing.

That looks awesome Eric, you look kind of funny in that 2nd picture.. but still, that looks like a lot of fun.

Not to be untrusting, but they look photoshopped, for some reason... I guess its the lighting... That looks cool, though! Does the wind + sand hurt? At a beach, once, I was walking through the not-quite-beach area, the section between the parking lot and the coast, where there were big dune/mountains. They were paritally earth, in some sections. Either way, there was one that was so windy at the top, you could feal the sandblasting stinging your skin. (There was actually a pretty clear line from where you could feel it, to where you couldn't.) Is there some larger forces at work here, thus eliminating the wind? (or at least drastically reducing them from what I experienced) You don't seem to be "under fire" ;-P

There was a slight breeze in the early morning. The dunes don't build themselves!