Grated Shelving Frame




Looking for an edgy, prison-esque way to frame your art? Then look no further. Here you'll find an easy, inexpensive way to make your art feel like it can never escape.

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Step 1: Supply Yourself

All you'll need is:
Tape (your choice)

5 grated shelves

While I was fortunate enough to find these in the Goodwill Bins, you may find them at Office Depot, Target, or other home and office supply stores.

Use the tape that will work best for you--I used metallic glitter tape, but Gorilla Tape tends to hold the best.

Step 2: Put It Together

Simple enough--take pieces of tape and, if you're using a thicker tape, strip them in half. Then, taking about a 1" strip, wrap them around the edges of two grates as they stand together. You should only need to do two or three of these per side.

Repeat this step until you have four walls of your "prison."

Step 3: The Last Step

Lastly, to ensure your art will remain inside of your frame, attach your last grated shelf to the bottom of your four walls, using tape on each side so it is attached completely.

Step 4: The End!

Now feel free to put your art's free life to an end!

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