Graveyard at Night

Introduction: Graveyard at Night

I hope that you guys like this drawing that I did in Autodesk Sketchbook. I figured that I would keep it in a clean sketch style because I don't have a drawing tablet or mouse for my computer; I did the entire sketch with a trackpad on my laptop.

Your comments are more than welcome, in fact they are encouraged. Have a Happy Halloween and don't forget to vote!

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Step 1: Clean Slate

Begin with a clean, blank canvas. I then select my Flood Fill tool from the Toolbox and change the color to black by clicking the small circle at the bottom left (inside the Lagoon).

Step 2: Ready the Pencil

Select the Pencil tool and change its' color to white.

Step 3: Plant the Tombstones

I start off sketching the tombstones first. I chose four of them in varying sizes.

Step 4: It's All Uphill

Next I sketch the hill under the tombstones.

Step 5: Run the Fence

Still using the Pencil, I draw out the fence line in the background.

Step 6: Post Up

Then I changed the Hardness/Size of the Pencil and began inserting the fence posts.

Step 7: Cap It Off

After the posts are inserted, I change the Pencil Hardness/Size to 25/2.1 and draw in the fence post caps, just squiggly triangular lines.

Step 8:

Next, I select the Airbrush tool and then select its' properties by clicking the small button with sliders on it inside the Toolbox. Change the size to about 41 and the flow to 20%.

Step 9: Moon It

Lightly dab with the Airbrush to create the start of the moon.

Step 10:

Now, select the Smear tool and select properties. St the Smear size to 40.5 and amount of smear to 25%. Using circular motions, smear out the moon until it begins to swirl to your liking.

Step 11:

Then I select the Soft Eraser and in its' properties tab I set the size to 5.0 and the amount erased to 25%.

Step 12:

I use criss -crossing eraser swipes on the hill to give it some texture. I usd the eraser as an experiment as opposed to use the pencil or brush.

Step 13:

Then I select the Smear tool again and have the size at 40.5 and the amount at 50%. Swipe it back and forth a few times over the lines on the hill to give them depth.

Step 14:

Select the Airbrush again and set the size to around 12 and the flow to about 7%. Begin drawing the tree trunks behind the fence.

Step 15:

Set the size to about 5 and leave the flow at 7% and begin drawing the tree limbs.

Step 16: Oops!

Since I went a little far with one of my lines, I grab the Airbrush, set the color to black and cover it up.

Step 17:

While I still have the Airbrush out, I drop the flow to 30% and , leaving the color black; I spray very small random lines on the tree trunks for texture.

Step 18:

Next, I set the color to a light gray, set the Airbrush size to about 74 and the flow to 30%, then spray some life into the tombstones.

Step 19:

Change the size of the Airbrush to about 10 and spray a few squiggly lines that will become clouds.

Step 20:

Step 21:

Now I select the Smear tool and set the size to about 31 and the amount to 85%; then smear up the lines I drew earlier for the clouds until I reach my desired look.

Step 22:

Grabbing the Airbrush again, ensure the color is black and spray over the freshly smeared clouds to break them up a bit.

Step 23:

Now I add a new text layer by clicking on the little wheel next to the background thumbnail image in the Layers box, and selecting Add Text Layer.

Step 24:

On the Edit Text Layer pop up, click the color box in the upper right hand corner and select a medium gray. Next, I type in a name for a tombstone.

Step 25:

Select the crosshairs from the Tools menu and on the navigation ring, select move and move the text to the desired location.

Step 26:

Then, on the navigation ring, select Rotate and spin the text until it is approximately the same angle as the tombstone you are placing it on. After rotating; select Move again and finally move it into place.

Step 27:

Then repeat for each name that you are adding to the tombstones.

Step 28:

Now I select my Pencil again and outline the tombstones to give them dimension. I do this with a medium gray color so that it looks more shadowed.

Step 29:

And now I add the finishing touches to the picture by select the Airbrush once again, with the size set to 5 and the flow to 8%, and lightly fill in the edges of the tombstones.

I hope that you enjoyed this instructable and the finished art.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween!

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