Graveyard Cake





Introduction: Graveyard Cake

Every year, I make this cake with my family.  It's really easy, fun, and great for kids to put together.  The materials that you will need are:

Cake mix
Chocolate Icing
Milano Cookies
Marshmallow Peeps (halloween shapes!)
Gummy Worms
Icing for writing on the gravestones (optional)

First, make the cake mix and frost the cake.  Then, insert the Milano cookies halfway into the cake.

If you'd like, before doing this, use a toothpick to write some funny sayings on them.  Some good ones are "Rusty Gates" and "B.A. Ghoul"  You can find a ton more here:

Eat the frosting out of the oreos and then put them into a plastic bag and crush them up. Sprinkle them around the gravestones to look like dirt that was recently dug up.  Throw some gummy worms around and cover them with dirt.

Stick some marshmallow peeps around the gravestones and you have a yummy graveyard cake!



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    Super cute! Love how easy this is to make but how cute it turns out!