Graveyard Ghoul

Introduction: Graveyard Ghoul

Project Resources

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Needed Materials

Photo of a person's face
Photo of a grinning mouth
Photo of eye
Photo of scar
Photo of ear

This is a step by step tutorial demonstrating how to take an ordinary portrait and transform it into a ghoulish photograph. I hope you will find it informative and easy to follow.



1. An evil spirit or phantom, esp. one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies.
2. A person morbidly interested in death or disaster.

Step 1: Zombie Eyes

1. Open the image of a person's face in Adobe Photoshop CS5. First, we will start with the eyes.
2. Use the Healing Brush Tool and while holding down the Alt key, sample a part of the white in the eye. Blot out the iris and the pupil.
3. Next, copy the current layer (for backup) and use the Burn Tool (Range: Midtones, Exposure: 80%) to darken the edges and corner of the eye.

(Eye manipulation continued in Step 5)

Step 2: Pale Skin

1. Replicate the current layer and name it Face.
2. Using the Dodge Tool (Range: Midtones, Exposure 50%) lighten the skin on the face to make it pale.
3. Next, on the main navigation bar click Image >> Adjustments >> Hue/Saturation and set Saturation to -40.

Step 3: Sleepless Shadows

1. Replicate the current layer and name it Eyebrows.
2. To darken the eye/eybrow area, we will use the Burn Tool (Range: Shadows, Exposure 40%) around the eyes.
3. Create a new layer and underneath each eye paint a stripe of crimson. Fade out the edges using the Eraser Tool (Hardness: 35%, Opacity: 75%, Flow: 100%) and set the layer Blending Option to Soft Light.
4. Merge this layer with the Eyebrows layer.

Step 4: Sinister Grin

1. Duplicate the current layer.
2. Using the Patch Tool and the Healing Brush Tool blot out the person's real mouth.
3. Drag the your creepy mouth image (see needed materials) onto the canvas. Using the Image >> Adjustments >> Color Balance tool, color the new mouth to the approximate hue of the current skin tone.
3. Use the Eraser Tool (Hardness: 35%, Opacity: 20%, Flow: 100%) to fade out the edges of the new mouth. Merge the current layer and the new mouth layer.
4. Finally, using the Burn Tool (Range: Midtones and Shadows, Exposure: 50%), darken the mouth to make it appear realistic.

Step 5: Zombie Eyes (Continued From Step 1)

1. Copy the current layer, and using the Dodge Tool, lighten the center of the eye.
2. Drag your eyeball photo (see needed materials) onto the canvas and scale it down to the size of the person's eye.
3. Copy this layer of the eye and click Edit >> Transform >> Flip Horizontal for the opposite eye. 
3. Use the Eraser Tool to smooth the edges, then place the layers over each eye with a Blending Option of Overlay.
4. Merge the eye layers with the person's face.

Step 6: Dark Makeup

1. Make a new layer called Makeup.
2. Using the Brush Tool with a dark color, draw small triangles around the eyes.
3. Using the Smudge Tool, smooth out the triangles so that they fade into the skin.
4. To blend the makeup into the dark eyes, use the Burn Tool around the makeup edges.

Step 7: Bloody Scar

1. Use your photo of the scar (see needed materials), paste it on the canvas, and erase the edges with the Eraser Tool.
2. Place on the person's face and set the Opacity in the Layers Palette to 90%.
3. Merge the scar and the person's face layer.
2. Darken the skin around the scar using the Burn Tool.

Step 8: Long Ears

1. Use your photo of the elf ear (see needed materials), scale it down to the proper size, and erase the image around the ear using the Eraser Tool.
2. Color the ear to the person's skin tone by using Image >> Adjustments >> Hue Saturation and manipulating the Lightness and Saturation to negative values.
3. Copy the layer and flip it for the other ear using Edit >> Transform >> Flip Horizontal.
4. Position the ear layers over the person's ears.
5. Using the Eraser Tool fade the ears into the person's ears.

Step 9: Haunted Background (Optional)

1. Place an image of your choice (a graveyard image was used in this example) onto the canvas over all other layers.
2. Using the Eraser Tool, erase the background covering the person's face.
3. Experiment with the opacity, color, and blending options to obtain a creepy result.

Have a spooky Halloween and remember to take caution around the graveyards this time of year...

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial! Please consider voting for my project! Thank you!

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