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My husband and I wanted to dress up as characters from our favorite Disney XD TV show, Gravity Falls. Since he was dressing up as Dipper, I had to figure out what my costume would be: his twin sister, Mabel? Nope. His older crush, Wendy? Nope. Finally it hit me; I'd be the love of Dipper's life: trusty Journal #3.

Step 1: Make Design in Photoshop

1. Draw a six-fingered hand with flat finger tops with a thick black stroke.

2. Fill with a gold gradient.

3. Add the number 3.

4. Size to fill up a letter size (8.5*11 inch) page.

Step 2: Print on Iron-On Transfer Paper

1. Load the for dark-colored fabric paper into your inkjet printer according to your printer specifications.

2. Print your design and let the ink dry.

3. Use scissors or an exacto knife to cut out your exact design.

Step 3: Iron Design on Dress

1. Stretch your fabric onto an ironing board.

2. Place and center the design on the dress face-side up.

3. Gently lay the paper that came with the iron-transfer paper over your design.

4. With your iron on low, iron your design from the center to the edges repeatedly until secure.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

1. Add any embellishments for the journal. I wore a gold tassel necklace to resemble a bookmark and red lipstick.

2. Get your friends to coordinate and have a Mystery Shack Halloween at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!



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    3 years ago

    Thanks @DIY Hacks and How Tos and @savielynn1223! It's a great show and the series finale part 1 is tonight on Disney XD!


    3 years ago

    Thanks so much, @momoluv! I may at a later date, but this journal tutorial is pretty great


    3 years ago

    So cool! You should make the actual journal for a tutorial and enter it into the Halloween props contest- I think it would have a real shot at winning! ~Momoluv


    3 years ago

    cool! my friend LOVES that show