Gravity-screen Control

About: Sub-nuclear sailor

Intro: Gravity-screen Control

Most of my extremities will eventually suffer from a chronic form of arthritis, unless I find a workaround to the beck and call of modernity.

Here you'll need:

A bat (or weighted item)
A stylus pen
A rubber band
A touch screen
A stabilizer for your touch screen (optional)

Step 1: Add Stylus to End

I use a rubber band to secure the stylus to the end of my bat.

Step 2: Differential Grip Posture

Here you can vary your grip relative to your bat, or heavy stick.

Step 3: Computer

The history of the computer is interesting and certainly a pragmatic device for the almost infinite world of possibilities life lives in. Here you can see me happily archiving information for future generations. Hopefully I can persist in doing so in addition to maintaining as much of an able body as currently possible.



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