Great Artist Warm Up Exercise




Introduction: Great Artist Warm Up Exercise

This is a method that I kinda stumbled onto. I am a very messy person and always always spill things and so I made this up to utilized the many ruined sketch book pages i have amounted.  This is a great way to break though your morning fog and get drawing. It loosens you up and gets your mind thinking creatively you have to do very little to start it.  Sometimes the blank page can be your most daunting obstacle.  So here we go.

Step 1: Materials

Sketch book.
Cup of coffee.
Spoon or stirrer or finger.

Step 2: Sip and Splash

Okay so just open you sketch book to a new page and take your spoon or whathaveyou and dribble
all over the page. I usually add a couple slashing motions in there for good measure.  Take a sip of you coffee and let dry a little.

Step 3: Sip and Draw

So this is easy.   Just look at your little splashes and streaks and think of what they look like.
Just like looking at clouds the images come to you and before you know it your done with your first cup of coffee and drawing like mad.  Enjoi!



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49 Discussions

I'm going to try this right now. I've used tea and coffee in other drawings, but never like this. Thank you!

It's almost impossible to be a minamilist while sketching :D Im paranoid about tidy pages... but looove it when drawings r' messy but still look cool, or i have like a whole page full of random doodles with barely a trace of graphite-less paper left :)))

lol its just that I usually dont have an idea and the paper is like taunting me. 'll stare at it for an hour before I have a idea

The first time I tried airbrushing I did something similar-really nice effect!

Very interesting and cool. Good job.

I do love this. I use to do this with crumpled up paper. Just crumple it up, then uncrumple it. You'll find hidden pictures just like you find in clouds! Or spilled coffee splotches =) Or diet cherry cola. I do love that one.

LOVE IT.  I looked all through your website too...and I love your work, especially the photos.

Now didn't I leave a comment here with an attachment? Where is is?

Wonderful. I will try that in the morning with my cup of jo. I love it, what an inspiring idea.

 I'm a teacher and always thankful for people like you! For many many reasons this excercise is wonderful! 

Delightful idea.  I think I might put a paper towel below the pages to make sure the coffee doesn't stain through to multiple pages though.

Aww, I thought this was an Instructable about warming up one's hands for better sketching performance.

Good idea though!

The world needs more of this kind of Instructable. We see shapes even in random formations, which is a perfect way of killing artist's block! Genius. Thank you.