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Hi, this is an instructable that just has a few links to paper model websites. I know there is probably already a few places to get links like this, but the whole point of this instructable is to single out the simple, boring ones, or the broken links, so that every link is to a website with a great model. Anyways, each step has a different category of model.

If anyone has any other links to paper model websites ( that are free) than they can send them to me. as long as they are decent links, i'll throw them in here.


i've been working on my "archive" for a while now, because i've been doing a lot more cardmodeling in the last little while. o, here's a big update. I'll add on to the existing groups, and throw in a bunch of new ones.

hope you guys like it.

Step 1: Paper Cars

These are some great race cars, you build the chassis, and then you can chose which body to put on it.
this website is in German, but it has several nice models. there is some normal cars,some trucks, even some military.
Another great race car site, this one has an easy version of the cars and a harder (but more detailed) version.
This one only has a few cars, but i thought the jeep was very nice
go to downloads for models
detailed oil truck, pretty cool

Step 2: Boats/Ships

*note: i should warn you,  when you get into the ships, the models become much ore complicated, with tiny parts, rigging with thread, etc. so i'm just saying,don't start them unless you're sure you're going to finish them.;

Step 3: Airplanes
This website has some very nice model airplanes, as well as some cars at the top
Some more great airplanes.
A great model apache, It's not too hard, but it is still very detailed.
Some nice airplanes from ww2, cold war, etc,

Step 4: General Military Models

*for any websites that have more than one type of military model...*
has tons of military models, tanks, airplanes, etc. great site

Step 5: Helicopters

* don't forget to strengthen the blades with cardboard*

Step 6: Submarines

*just one... being all lonely...*



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    4 years ago on Introduction


    Can I know the link where you got your little yacht sailboat?


    the poodleoIron ninja

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Normally each model will have instructions. if you want to know how to make paper models, then you should Google it. i'm sure there are some basic instructions and tips to start you off.