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Here is a tutorial on how I made the Great ball from Pokémon.

I also have provided FREE templates down below. There is also a video beneath this photo tutorial.

Hope you enjoy :)

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials required:

- Great ball template

- Fleece: blue, black, white

- Felt: red

- Matching threads: blue, black, white, red

- Stuffing

- Sewing needle, scissors, pins/marker

** This template can also be used for a regular pokeball (red and white).

1) Cut out all the template pieces with the corresponding fabric.

Step 2: Sewing the Circle Pieces

2) Sew the two white pieces together with a blanket stitch.

Repeat with the two blue pieces.

Step 3: Add Details

3) Add details you want on the top of the ball with a running stitch (up and down stitch).

In this case, it is the red stripes on the pokeball.

Step 4: Putting Your Ball Together

4) Putting the good sides together of the blue and white piece, sew around with a blanket stitch.

Leave a small hole so you can turn it inside out.

Step 5: Closing It Up

5) Turn the ball inside out and stuff it.

To close up the ball, use a ladder stitch.

Step 6: Attaching the Black Stripe

6) Using the 1cm black material, wrap it around the pokeball and sew it on with a back stitch.

Make sure the black material is long enough to wrap around the pokeball.

Step 7: The Button

7) Place the white circle on top of the black circle.

Sew the white circle on with matching thread.

Repeat with black thread, making a smaller circle.

Step 8: Nearly There...

8) Sew the button on using a back stitch.

Congratulations, you are finished.

Step 9: Alternative Option...

Here is the masterball template for all those wanting to make more!!!!

Go to my Weebly website - link in bio! This is a free template.




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    Reply 3 months ago

    Hi! First you gather your materials. Cut out the pieces out of felt or fleece. Then, you sew two quarters of the circle together.
    Let me know if you need any help.


    2 years ago

    Nice! I like the detail on the button.

    1 reply