Great Prank - Spilled Drink !!!


Introduction: Great Prank - Spilled Drink !!!

Learn how to make this fun and easy joke spilled milk. Video subtitled in English.

Step 1: To This Prank We Will Use:

  • A piece of acetate or clear plastic.
  • A glass.
  • Colbon and white or glue.

Step 2: We Started Adding Our Glue on the Glass.

Step 3: Now, We Take Our Acetate and the Place Our Glass.

Step 4: We Let It Slowly Irrigate and With the Help of Glue Bottle We Give the Way We Want.

Step 5: Now We Have to Wait for It to Dry for at Least a Day.

Step 6: And Once It Is Dry, We Will Cut Along All Edges.

Step 7: Thus, As It Has Been Our Prank List.

Now, there is only seeking the ideal place to place and hope that people be surprised to see this disaster.



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    4 Discussions

    Great prank! Like how you can reuse it!

    this is very funny and cool. i have to try this

    Thank you for your comment! Greetings to you!