Great Quality and Super Easy Leash (2 Easy Step!)





Introduction: Great Quality and Super Easy Leash (2 Easy Step!)

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Why buy a leash from a store when it's so easy to make at home. Anyone can make one with just a few simple cheap supplies. You will need:

2 continuous yards of webbing
1 swivel clip

Plus either a needle and thread or if you have it a sewing machine to make it even easier. Although the sewing machine isn't really needed because there is very little sewing involved. This will make a standard 5 foot leash that you could find in any pet store.

I bought my supplies from this website:

Step 1: Step One

Ok now fold over one end of webbing long enough for your hand to fit in the loop. You want it to be loose on your hand so you'll be comfortable using it. Also be sure it is large enough for anyone walking you pet to hold it comfortably. Now tuck under a little piece so there are no raw edges and stitch in place. I did a square with an x in it to make sure it was nice and strong and went over it a couple times.

Step 2:

Now you want to put your swivel clip on the other end of your webbing and form a small loop around it. Now stitch in place.

Now you're all done! Wasn't that super easy? Wow 2 steps and you have a new dog leash in any color you want and for less then $5.



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    No problem. I'm glad you liked it. I'll go check yours out now. We love pumpkin stuff. :-)

    Thanks! I had already gotten the supplies, but the way you explain it makes it way easier to conceptualize. I wanted a good 10-12ft leash for when I want to let my dog explore a bit. It seems impossible to find, and I don't want a 20ft thin lead either.

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    I make these too except I put ribbon down the middle to dress it up.

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    Yeah adding a ribbon is a nice easy touch. I just wanted to make these as simple as possible for the sake of any beginners. :-)

    This is amazing! I've been preparing to get a dog, and trying to be frugal about it at the same time. I made my first leash today. I did add ribbon to it, since the webbing I got was just black (I found an amazing deal on a ton of black webbing). Also, thank you for introducing me to Crafter's Vision. It's also where I got my ribbon.

    dog leash.jpg
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    Sorry I only just seen your post. I'm glad you found my ible helpful. Glad you found my link useful also. :-)

    Oh one side note if you do another one with ribbon. You can bring the ribbon all the way to the end and then flip it to the reverse side of what you did with this one and it will show a small amount of ribbon on the black side instead of showing a small amount of black on the ribbon side. It's more a preference thing though so if you like it better this way then by all means continue how you prefer. I just wanted to point that out in case you wanted to try it. Just make sure you heat seal your ribbon end so it doesn't fray. :-)

    Thanks for the tip! I didn't think of doing that. Luckily, with this ribbon, the black goes really well. I'll remember that for next time, though. (And I remembered to heat seal it. :) )

    You are so welcome. Your leash looks great. I'm glad you like crafter's vision. I've ordered there several times and have always been happy with their products and their customer service. :-)

    I make these too except I put ribbon down the middle to dress it up.

    I make these too except I put ribbon down the middle to dress it up.

    Thank you very much. If you don't mind and you think it deserves it I would really appreciate a vote in the pet challenge contest. :-)